LTC 2020 and 2021 Schedule

With the many changes we’ve seen this year due to our need to stay home and guard ourselves from illness, this year’s LTC is most certainly a different one than anyone expected. It’s been a very interesting 2020 so far and with God’s help, we are finding unique opportunities to continue to shine His light through our work together studying and applying His Word.

While we are still continuing to work on 2020 activities through the end of June (contact your Church Coordinator for details), we want to keep on track for 2021 and provide you our anticipated schedule for this year and next.

April 12 – June 30: Upload Event Submissions and Evaluation Forms. If Shelter-in-Place is not lifted by 6/30; group events will be cancelled

May 1: Deadline for 2021 Manual update and corrections

May 9: 10:00am Zoom Board Meeting to Determine 2021 Dates

June 1: 2021 Manual Released

July 31: Awards results to Award Entry Chair: Brad Choate

August 31: Church Boxes Mailed to include: Plaques, T-shirts, Award Doodads, 2021 Take-home packet, any Pre-convention items to be returned

September 15: Award Correction to Award Chair: Janelle Hansen

TBD: Hotel rooms available for reservation

January 1, 2021: LTC-WR 2021 Registration Begins

April 2-4, 2021: LTC-WR Convention, Hilton Santa Clara, CA

Please note that any of the above dates are subject to change based upon local conditions and the upcoming LTC-WR Board Meeting.

We look forward to working with you all!

Your LTC Board