LTC 2021 Manual

Full Manual – January 1, 2021 Revision

The LTC Manual contains all event guidelines and coordinator contacts, along with registration information and event details to help participants and chaperones prepare for LTC.

You can download the full PDF version of the 2021 LTCWR Manual. (updated 1/1/2021)

Individual PDFs

Click a title below to open and download a PDF of that section of the manual.

Registration Forms

Important Note 1: Please delete/destroy any previous versions of the 2021 Manual. The correct version of the manual is the version with “January 1, 2021 Revision” on the title page and the header of each document. This is critical as many events have changed for 2021.

Important Note2: Please make all checks payable to “Tri-Valley Church of Christ” this year.

Pre-Convention Event Guidelines

Convention Event Guidelines

Not offered temporarily in 2021: Song Leading