Signing for the Deaf


LTC’s Signing and Interpreting for the Deaf encourages students to develop the skill of signing so that they can communicate and develop relationships with the hearing impaired, thus giving them the opportunity to minister to the needs of the hearing impaired.


Signing of a Scripture Passage:

Participants may select a scripture from the book of no less than 1 minute, no longer than 2 minutes in length including introduction.

Signing of a Song:

The audience will sing, and the student will sign the song.  Words for each song are posted on the LTC website ( and our Facebook page (

The song list is as follows:

3rd-5th Grades: Thou Art Worthy (1 verse) *

                              OR Worthy is the Lamb *

6th-8th Grades:  Thou Art Worthy (2 verses) *

                              OR Let All That is Within Me (4 verses) *

9th-12th Grades: Worthy Art Thou (1 verse) *

                              OR Worthy, You are Worthy (3 verses)*

*Sign the Soprano Part

Each song was chosen from the Songs of Faith and Praise songbook, 5th edition.  The music (including the words) has been provided on the LTCWR website for your convenience:

To download sheet music for all six songs, click here.

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