LTC 2020

Theme: Rescued

As we live out our life on this earth the Lord has made, we encounter joys, beauty, love, graciousness, and peace. At times, we also face strife, sadness, sickness, pain, and the feeling of helplessness. It is at these times that we may feel that the waters of the world rage against us, taking us down to a place that is harmful, dark, and scary. However, just in these times, we have a helper, a friend, a champion, and a savior who can bring us to safety. No matter how our world may treat us, we have a Lord who loves us and will save us anywhere, anytime, anyhow. Why? Because He loves us!

This past year, we’ve affirmed how there is truly “No Greater Love” than the love of our Lord and how we’ve learned that from our deep study of the Gospel of John. We’ve professed through our service, our prayers, and our actions that no greater love exists that that love we have from our savior, Jesus Christ.

Our challenge for LTC 2020 is for all of us to look to our Lord who is our rescuer. He reaches down and draws us from the deep waters we often tread in this world and brings us out into an open, safe place because we are His children. Just as David called to the Lord to save him from Saul, we can call on the Lord every day to be saved from anything that may harm us. Each and every time, our Lord will help us because we are His children; He delights in us as we are His creations!

We are proud to announce that the theme for LTC 2020 is “Rescued” and we’ll be studying the book of 2 Samuel as we prepare to learn and profess that our God is our rock, our shield, and our salvation. We have been rescued! Hallelujah!

2020 Manual

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