What a beautiful weekend!

LTC 2016 was a success! We had 82 participants, along with their supportive church members, join us from 11 congregations across California, Nevada and Oregon. It was a blessing to watch them participate in Bible Reading, Song Leading, Bible Bowl, Signing for the Deaf, Speech, Live Modern Christian Drama, and other events throughout the weekend. Thank you to the participants for all your hard work in preparing for all of the events this year. And thank you to the church coordinators, parents and volunteers, as you led these children this year, through your encouragement and direction, as well as by example. And finally, thank you to all of the event coordinators and judges, as you volunteered your time at the convention to thoughtfully encourage the participants with your honest yet constructive feedback.

Next year is sure to be even more wonderful, with Easter falling on April 16, giving participants even more time to prepare!

As was announced this morning, this year’s theme is “Make Him Known”  and our study will be from the book of Acts.  God doesn’t want us to keep our knowledge and relationship with him to ourselves, he wants us to share the salvation that only He can provide. The book of Acts gives us many examples of how Paul spread God’s word throughout the world making God known to hundreds of thousands.  Paul did not have an easy time making God known, but he didn’t give up, always drawing on the strength and refuge God personally gave him.

This year’s theme is so exciting as this will allow us to explore how we can act to make God known to others in our everyday lives. We may long to become more like Jesus, and even though we can’t expect to reach His perfection in this life, we must certainly try to reflect Him in all we say and do.  The gift of the Holy Spirit and the opportunity we have to study from the Bible provide us the blueprints for reflecting Him and showing others His light through us.  Following God and bringing others to become one of God’s saved are the MOST important things we can do.  Just as Paul gave us an example of how to spread God’s word, it is our time and our responsibility to make Him known today.  How will you make Him known?

See you next year!

The LTC Board

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