Scripture Challenge


LTC’s Scripture Challenge event promotes the habit of memorizing at least 100 verses per year. It encourages memory work as a part of the Bible class program and promotes the use of quoted scriptures in lessons and conversations.


First time participants may choose their verses from anywhere in the Bible with Church Coordinator oversight. Returning participants may only use the verses provided below for LTC 2019 (though we encourage additional memorization of other scripture, of course)

John 14:15-31 (17 verses)
John 15:1-27 (27 verses)
John 16:1-33 (33 verses)
John 17:1-26 (26 verses)

(103 total verses)

If a participant can recite 100 verses in one sitting, they earn a Gold award and a trophy! If they recite in 4-5 sittings, they earn Silver; 8-10 sittings, Bronze. Here is how we would suggest separating the scripture challenge verses for this year:

Silver (4 – 5 sittings)

John 14:15-31
John 15:1-25
John 15:26-16:15
John 16:16-33
John 17:1-26

Bronze (8 – 10 sittings)

John 14:15-22
John 14:23-31
John 15:1-11
John 15:12-17
John 15:18-27
John 16:1-11
John 16:12-24
John 16:25-33
John 17:1-12
John 17:13-26

For additional guidelines and submission instructions, find this year’s Manual in the above navigation.

Still have questions? Contact the event coordinator, or email