LTC 2019

Theme: No Greater Love

A true friend is a treasure to hold on to and something to be thankful for each day. A true friend is there to listen to you, to celebrate successes with you and to pick you up when you’ve fallen down and most of all, loves you no matter what happens. That friend will never leave you and will sacrifice everything for you. That true friend is Jesus.

Jesus came to this earth to show us what love truly looks like. Jesus showed us that love was teaching others about God, love is healing the sick, love is eating with sinners, love is standing up for what is right, and love is laying your life down for one’s friends. Who are Jesus’ friends? Each and every one of us who believes in Him.

This past year, we’ve studied how our Lord is the King of our Hearts. We love with our hearts and therefore, our king is love and since Jesus is love, Jesus is in our hearts. One of our worldly questions is “What would Jesus do?” We’ve made wristbands, posters and some writers have even authored books on this topic. It really is simple, in all circumstances, Jesus would love.

Our challenge for LTC 2019 is for all of us to look to Jesus as our best friend. Who else would lay down his life for us to save us from being sinners? Who else would come to this earth from a perfect place to walk with imperfect people? Who else would love us no matter what and would live out the ultimate sacrifice – giving his life for us as the greatest act of love we’ll ever know.

We are proud to announce that the theme for LTC 2019 is “No Greater Love” and we’ll be studying the book of John as we prepare to learn and profess that no greater love exists that that love we have from our savior, Jesus Christ.

2019 Manual

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