LTC 2018

Theme: King of My Heart

God’s chosen people, the nation of Israel, had the Lord Almighty as their divine king, however, they cried out for someone else to rule over them instead. Rather than ask the ruler of the heavens to be their leader and guide, they chose to submit themselves to another.

We have the same choice today. 

For all time, God remains the divine king and He still desires to reign in every heart. He longs to hear each of us declare Him “King of My Heart” yet our Lord has left the critical decision of whom we will serve to you and to me.

The challenge for LTC 2018 is for all of us to example our hearts, to look at our lives, and determine who reigns over us. Are you willing to let the Lord become your king? Are you willing to let Him reign on the throne of your heart?

We are proud to announce that the theme for LTC 2018 is “King of My Heart” and we’ll be studying the book of 1 Samuel as we prepare to profess the Lord as our one and only king.


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