"Give It Up"

Leadership Training for Christ - Western Region

In the late 1960’s, Jack Zorn began working with the young boys in his Montgomery, Alabama congregation. His goal was to develop their leadership skills. Under the name “Lads to Leaders”, the program spread to nearby churches of Christ. Eventually, registration at the convention grew to about 3,500, generating the need to expand to more locations! In 1988 it was decided to expand further, and become LEADERSHIP TRAINING FOR CHRIST. From that first convention in Montgomery, Alabama, there are now conventions in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, Phoenix, Arizona, Austin, Texas, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Kokomo, Indiana among others, and since 1997, San Jose, California.
LTC Conventions have been conducted over Easter weekends primarily because this is the only weekend throughout the year that hotels seldom, if ever, have a convention booked. This means that we can secure lodging and have access to all meeting rooms at a much lower rate than any other time of year. Keeping these costs down makes it possible for all to attend.
The aim of Leadership Training for Christ is to develop in our youth Christ-like leadership by serving others, forgetting self, and being true to God. The board sees the convention as a time and place where young people can meet and demonstrate their accomplishments and broaden their definitions of excellence. The events are the foundation necessary to sharpen the tool, the opportunity to practice leadership skills, and a challenge to raise our collective standards. Furthermore, the goal is to enrich the gifts and abilities that are God given. Our youth are challenged to compete only against their own interests and abilities as they strive for excellence. We look to mature Christian adults who will walk side by side with our youth and help them to become leaders in the Master’s church. Each person involved in Leadership Training for Christ is committed to the youth of the churches of Christ because they see and know today’s need of influencing young people in the path that God desires for all of us.
It is exciting when you realize that this movement has now grown to numerous major conventions. And that LTC is growing throughout the United States. We ask that you work hard with your youth and motivate them to excel in whatever they choose to accomplish. Demonstrate Christian leadership to them by not only training them, but also by helping them at the convention.
May God guide all of us as we explore the great truth about Christ in the theme for LTC 2015.